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Demo details

The Text Room demo is a simple example of how you can use this text broadcasting plugin, which uses Data Channels, to implement something similar to a chatroom. More specifically, the demo allows you to join a previously created and configured text room together with other participants, and send/receive public and private messages to individual participants. To send messages on the chatroom, just type your text and send. To send private messages to individual participants, click the participant name in the list on the right and a custom dialog will appear.

To try the demo, just insert a username to join the room. This will add you to chatroom, and allow you to interact with the other participants.

Notice that this is just a very basic demo, and that is just one of the several different ways you can use this plugin for. The plugin actually allows you to join multiple rooms at the same time, and also to forward incoming messages to the room to external components. This makes it a useful tool whenever you have to interact with third party applications and exchange text data.

Press the Start button above to launch the demo.



Public Chatroom